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Latest site update
08/04/16 STAT calc updated with new cap info
04/04/16 Olympia Expansion info added to Tips and Hints
30/09/2015 added Possessed Bosses guide in the General Guides to the Game section.
02/09/2015 added KoD card pages site
16/05/2015 Tales of Dream World by Mary Murray in the stories section
15.02.2015 added Garden of Memories (for our fallen comrades)
02.06.2014 Music of Dream World site link added compliments of Raven King


Welcome to Dream World. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we do.

This site is for the Facebook version of Dream World, created thanks to the help of many dedicated players. Thanks go to Xlegna and many others who have contributed so much, and newer players who continue to contribute content.

Via the link buttons below you will find information from various help sites and new sections, where we can add help for newer players, including tips on how to get the best from game updates. The site is also available as a mobile ap - search Dream World Infoshare. If you wish to contribute any information to this site please contact the site admins, Maria and Dreamwarrior, via the contact us link.

New players - we suggest you start by reading the General Guide and learning how to use the puzzle solvers.This will help to get the most out of the game.